Small Scale Mine

Small Scale Mine


The JV500 is our bread-and-butter project and it too offers extraordinarily high investor returns, projected to be 184.5% ROI over two years. TAB-Forest controls over 90 quality small-scale mining concessions ready for development, and more in the pipeline. Each JV is conducted within a separate JV entity and JV’s are funded one at a time. 

What is a JV500? The JV500 is a joint venture that provides TAB-Forest the capital to develop one of its 90+ small scale concessions. In Ghana, the federal government cherishes the preservation of small scale mining, which is reserved for Ghanian-owned companies and citizens. A small scale mining concession is the right to mine a parcel of land that is 25 acres or smaller. The owner or controller of the land itself may be the federal or local government or a private land owner. TAB-Forest has secured the rights to mine on the parcel, has fulfilled all of the legal and regulatory requirements, and will pay all of the fees, royalties and taxes required by law and by contract. Given that gold is by far Ghana’s largest export, gold mining is highly regulated in Ghana. 

These projects are “alluvial” mining, which means scraping the dirt down to bedrock and processing that last few feet of dirt above the bedrock (where the gold has settled over the ages) through wash plants to remove the gold. Often the richest deposits are near riverbeds. This process is relatively low tech with the key requirement to produce at scale being heavy equipment. (Our future large-scale projects will involve both alluvial and hard rock mining where blasting into bedrock is required.) The point is, small-scale alluvial mining is fairly straightforward. The keys are to mine on a gold-rich concession, possess the skill to mine the richest areas of the site, and professional execution.

TAB-Forest has invested five years and a great deal of capital to acquire its portfolio of quality mining concessions. Obviously, not all land in Ghana has gold deposits sufficient to make mining profitable. It takes research and testing to ensure that a particular concession (or cluster of concessions) is worthwhile. In fact, quality concessions can often originate from relationships with government

officials/agencies, high wealth families, minerals testing companies, other miners, etc. TAB-Forest has devoted the time on the ground to develop these relationships and to acquire its impressive portfolio that now enables it to implement its strategic plan. Every concession is tested by a reputable minerals testing lab (typically ALS Minerals) before significant capital is deployed. Additionally, TAB-Forest demands a high gold content threshold before it will risk deploying capital to a site to further reduce risk.

The JV500 mining process:
  • Acquire, test and fulfill the regulatory and contractual requirements for the concession (done).
  • Develop the site, including: 1) build roads and clear the site, 2) build modest infrastructure (primitive housing, portable power generation, etc.), and 3) deploy mining equipment (two excavators, a large wash plant and other associated equipment).
  • Skilled staffing is typically generated through the University of Mines & Technology and/or relationships within Ghana’s extensive mining industry. Site labor is typically provided by local villages (providing needed jobs) and often these hard-working individuals have years of previous mining experience. Other site logistics, such as providing food and other services, come from local villages as well.
  • An important component of any mining project is reclamation. Part of the permit processing is working with third-party consultants to develop and file a reclamation plan with Ghana’s Environmental Protection Agency.

V500 joint ventures offer projected returns of 184.5% over two years. Granted, risk exists, but the very high return offered by TAB-Forest is designed to compensate for that risk. This capital raise is for $550,000 and the minimum investment is $5,500. The Private Placement Memorandum is the only way to fully understand these opportunities. We invite you to contact International Resource Group to receive this official document. All of our Private Placements offer full disclosure and are issued pursuant to Securities and Exchange Commission Regulation D Rule 506. This and other accompanying material is provided for informational purposes only. The data contained herein is believed to be reliable and has been gathered from original sources for the purpose of demonstrating the potential of the projects presented. Any participation in the project must be regarded as speculative in nature involving a degree of risk and accordingly is suitable only for persons of substantial resources who have no need for liquidity in their portfolio. It is recommended that any person interested in joining this JV seek the advice of their tax, legal and other advisors as to the suitability and consequences of such participation.